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Anchors Aweigh - The legendary talents of Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra combine to create an unparalleled song-and-dance explosion! This spritely tale of two lovesick sailors on shore leave in Hollywood co-stars beautiful Kathryn Grayson as Susie, an aspiring young singer, and child star Dean Stockwell as her nephew who wants to run away and join the Navy. Both sailors fall hard for Susie, with "Sea Wolf" Joe Brady (Kelly) rivaling his bookish best friend Clarence (Sinatra) for her affections. The race for Susie's heart leads them both into a series of comical and musical adventures. Dazzling dance numbers abound with virtuoso Kelly leaping through a high-spirited sequence with an animated mouse, and performing a thrilling tango for Susie's benefit. The Academy Award-winning musical score features Miss Grayson's romantic rendition of "All of a Sudden My Heart Sings" and Frank Sinatra crooning "I Fall In Love Too Easily." You won't want to miss this toe-tapping, melody-making, star-studded screen gem. "A delightful two-hour package of fun!" Cue Magazine.

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4 comentarios
un clásico musical, buena
Quemar las naves, salvar la música
gonzalo m
buen clásico musical
Diego J
qpocas se salvan o hacen historia....GREASE,CABARET,CHICAGO Y POCO MAS....

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